Self-appreciation, forgiveness & kindness toward myself does not come easily for me. I envy those who are truly kind to themselves as that, to me, is true power & strength from within.

Do YOU have what it takes to forgive yourself? Do you believe that you are worth being kind to yourself? Do you take time daily to appreciate yourself? At times, I have had forgiveness, kindness, appreciation for myself — but these are not skills that I currently possess in any sort of consistency. I am determined to redevelop & rebuild these skills.

I am almost always grateful for…

Sharing with ‘you’ a random few moments with myself having coffee this morning…

When I or really most anyone these days asks me a question that starts out with “why” I have allowed myself to have my defense mechanisms tend to kick in. WHY WOULD I ALLOW ME TO DOUBT MYSELF, my decisions, etc? That question alone reminds me that there are different components of ourselves that are constantly evolving, growing & experiencing life and then those ‘personalities’ get together and have a conversation. As a person, we are complicated. …

Average: {adjective, NOT out of the ordinary: COMMON. The word average came into English from Middle French avarie, a derivative of an Arabic word meaning “damaged merchandise.” Avarie originally meant damage sustained by a ship or its cargo, but came to mean the expenses of such damage.}

The last year or so I have not been myself. Of course, I didn’t recognize what was happening to me until I was looking in the mirror recently wondering who that lady is looking back at me. She wasn’t the vibrant person that I knew her to be. She was worn, tired &…

My doctor didn’t prepare me at all for the recovery from my pacemaker swap out last Friday; I should have asked more questions ahead of time & not rushed through my appointment; lesion learned.

But I adapt & learned a few things in the process.

“No shower until next Thursday”. I’ve got this. What’s the big deal? I can’t drive, I am not going anywhere, so what’s the big deal?

Have you ever had to go 6 nights without a shower (and had a roof over your head? homeless has come very close to me; in a future writing)


I woke up this morning, as we all did if you are reading this! CELEBRATE!

One of my favorite times of the day — sunrise!

This morning was different. Daily, I think to myself how fortunate I am the moment my eyes open, that my life is a good one.

Today, I woke up with a feeling of trepidation, a feeling that I MUST make changes in my life, starting today. I am squandering time. Sure, I do the best that I can every day at being me, at my job, most of the time with my workouts & runs, etc. But am I REALLY maximizing my time here on earth? NO. WHY NOT? Why am I settling?

Have you ever had that feeling? You…


According to Merriam-Webster, the state of being grateful: Thankfulness — expressed gratitude for their support

I woke up! I am still living, breathing and able to get about. I am grateful.

I got dinner at Chipotle last night; I have to swing by there to get them to give me a refund for the food being burned, what a hassle! NO! I am grateful that I am able to have food on my table.

My car has been in the shop for more than a week — have a rental and it’s a hassle to get in and out…

Shipping with FedEx/UPS

There once was a package that went missing

That FedEx & UPS kept you guessing

Just where did that package go?

Just say no!

Contact & get back what they are owing

Retailers can take steps to save costs, increase efficiencies

Jose Li, retail industry manager, FedEx Services, Memphis, Tenn 2005

Inbound receiving is one of the largest areas of opportunity for retailers to gain efficiencies. Over the last couple of decades, retailers have gained better visibility into their supply chains, become much more collaborative with vendors and gained greater control of their inbound logistics. Because of these improvements, we’ve seen many retailers cut costs and increase efficiencies. But why stop there? Let’s look at what’s happening today and at a vision for the future.

Most retailers receive several daily shipments, and inbound receiving is where they can make some big improvements in efficiency. Several factors influence the specific mode of…

Too long since I last wrote! “Life always offers you a second chance, it’s called tomorrow.” WHY haven’t I been writing. Let’s see, I could write all of the crap that I’ve come up against in the last couple of months personally, lifestyle changes and adaptations that I’ve had to make since my last surgery on August 25 or that I had my left shoulder replaced less than a week ago OR I can just do it.

Without a well thought out post, I started writing while on my elliptical the morning before my surgery. Yes, I’m that weirdo who…

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Tony Robbins. “A goal is a dream with a dead line.” Napolean Hill.

Find out more to stop the shipping insanity!

We’ve all heard these sayings, we KNOW that if we don’t put our goals/plans into writing, the plan stays in our head, and if we are lucky, we execute a small portion of the plan. How can we expect to achieve superior results if we don’t share the plan? Why do people/companies continue to run each day without setting goals & expectations?

Same goes for companies shipping with UPS/FedEx. If you aren’t taking your…

Ellen Riley Wong

Grateful and appreciative to have the opportunity, ability & capability to be me.

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